About Us


We've Got You Covered!

The Warmer Upper is our veteran-owned start-up dedicated to providing utmost warmth and comfort for you anytime, anywhere; at the office, at home, outside while you watch the kids play, out by the fire on a cold fall evening, or while watching TV. The only lap throw on the market with actual functionality!

Our Warm Values

At Warmer Upper, we understand both the need and luxury of snuggles and cozy throws. That's why we have come around to wrap everyone in coziness.

Unique & Smart Design

The Warmer Upper's unique design features everything you want in a lap throw or small blanket. It’s clear-view touch-sensitive pouch is designed to hold your personal devices so that they are easy to find while you are seated. It's removable, and clear touch-sensitive pouch enables the user to use and charge their devices while on their lap. We also have them available without the pouch!

Premium Quality, High-End Material

We never compromise on quality! The Warmer Upper is made of hypoallergenic, premium shearling material. It keeps a soft texture and lofty air pocket without extra fabric.

Veteran Owned and Made In USA

The Warmer Upper is undoubtedly a revolutionary product in the marketplace! Our veteran-owned product is designed and manufactured in America.